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  • When will the next book be out?

    AN AMBUSH OF WIDOWS, a standalone Lakehaven psychological thriller, will be out in the US and Canada in all formats on July 6, 2021.




  • When will some of your older books be available as ebooks or back in print?

    In the US, Grand Central Publishing re-released Panic, Fear, Collision, Trust Me, and the three Whit Mosley novels: A Kiss Gone Bad, Black Jack Point, and Cut and Run, in new paperback and e-book editions.

    The Jordan Poteet novels are currently available in both print and e-book editions.


  • Where can I get a list of your books in reading/chronological order?

    There is a printable book list here.

  • Are Sam Capra and Mila based on anyone you know?

    No, they’re products of my imagination.

  • How can I find out if your books are available in my country?

    There is a list of all languages and countries Jeff’s books are published here.

  • How can I contact you?

    There is a contact form here. I do read all my email (except for the inappropriate ones), even if I cannot answer it all. Thanks for understanding. I am also on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Will you read my manuscript or give me advice on how to get published?

    For legal and other reasons, I can’t read unpublished, unsolicited manuscripts. My best writing advice is: writing is rewriting. Polish, polish, polish your work until it is the best you can do.

    Re getting published, I think the best advice I’ve seen is author (and former agent) Nathan Bransford’s essays on Essentials of Publishing, available here. Plus, it’s been so long since I had to look for an agent that I fear I am not the best source how that works these days. But there are new authors being published all the time. Educate yourself on the business (there are tons of resources online).

  • I have a great idea for a book and we should write it together.

    If you have a great idea, then you should write it. I have more ideas than I will ever get to write and I’m going to focus on those.

  • Will you ever write another Whit Mosley or Jordan Poteet novel?

    I never say never, but right now my time is completely booked writing Sam Capra books, and thinking about some other books I’d like to write.

  • How do I book you to speak at my event/conference/library/?

    My time for speaking engagements is very limited due to book and family obligations. If you are interested in me speaking at your event, please contact my publicist.

  • May I send you a book to be signed? Or bookplates or photos?

    I’m always happy to sign books at store signings and events but unfortunately I have had to stop accepting books sent to me, or signing bookplates or photos.  Thanks for understanding.

  • What is the status of your books being turned into movies or TV series?

    Three of my books are currently under option with studios/producers.

  • What is your writing process? Do you know the end before you begin?

    I tend to daydream a lot before starting a book, and take a lot of notes, then I write a fairly detailed outline of scenes. I often know how the book will end and have imagined a number of major scenes throughout, but not always how I will get there. When I’m about two-thirds done I reoutline the whole book so I know that I’m delivering on all I promised. I write every day, although the number of hours varies depending on where I am in the book. Longer hours come toward the end.

  • Where do you get your ideas?

    Ideas are not the hard part of writing. I have ideas all the time. The challenge is understanding which ideas are the most interesting and powerful and dramatic, and then finding the best way to bring them to life. It’s all in the execution, because the idea is where the work begins, not where it ends.

  • Why are there different titles for some of your books in the US and UK?

    In the UK, the US book known as COLLISION was titled RUN; my publisher liked that title better for the book. It’s a decision made by publishers for what is best in their country.

  • What is the difference between Panic: Ultimate Edition and Panic?

    PANIC: ULTIMATE EDITION is a “re-imagining” of my 2005 novel PANIC. Published in the UK only, PANIC: ULTIMATE EDITION is written specifically for teenagers, with the novel’s hero, Evan Casher, recast as a fifteen-year old student. It is not a sequel to PANIC and I have no plans to publish it in the US at this time.