Extras:  Inside Man

Inside Man Events and Book Signings

Mark your calendar for Jeff’s 2014 events and Inside Man book signings.  Dates and times subject to change.

5/29/14 – NEW YORK, NY – BEA, The Javits Center, 1PM A-A Signing (Table 18)

7/1/14 – SCOTTSDALE, AZ – Poisoned Pen w/ Megan Abbott (THE FEVER), 7PM

7/8/14 – AUSTIN, TX – BookPeople, 7PM

7/9/14 – SANTA ROSA, CA – Copperfield’s hosts “Dinners to Die For” series, dinner at 5:15 PM, talk at 7:00 PM

7/10/14 – DALLAS, TX – Barnes & Noble Lincoln Park, 7PM

7/17/14 – HOUSTON, TX – Murder By The Book w/ Taylor Stevens (THE CATCH), 6:30 PM


For media, here are Jeff’s appearances. If you miss Jeff on radio, sometimes the station’s website will include a link where you can just listen to the interview.

7/1/14—Entertainment Weekly Radio on Sirius XM, News and Notes interview with host Julia Cunningham. This is a more detailed 20-minute interview. Check the website for your time zone, but News & Notes is on from 3-6 PM Eastern, and then reruns from 9-12 midnight.

7/1/14—KUT 90.5. Austin, radio interview with Jennifer Stayton.

7/2/14—Goodreads.com online live interactive chat in “The Interrogation Room” with readers, with award winning and bestselling author Megan Abbott (The Fever)

7/6/14—12:30—12:45 PM, KAZI  88.7, Austin, Hopeton Hay’s book show

7/11/14—9-10 hour, KDTX 47 TV, appearance on “The Broadcast” interview show