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For readers 21 years of age and older.

Sam Capra’s bars around the world serve up classic cocktails as well as local favorites. Featuring a new beverage, often served up in a short video by Jeff so you can see how to make it at home, or to order it when you’re out. Stay tuned for twists on your favorites, entirely new inventions inspired by Sam’s bars, and exciting regional cocktails suggested by readers.

The Last Minute Cocktail

The Last Minute cocktail is a twist on the margarita. Two French liqueurs give the cocktail a nice herbal twist.

The Mila

The Mila, inspired by Sam’s mysterious partner in his adventures, this cocktail is a delicious blend of smoky, sweet and spicy.

The Sam Capra Cooler

The Sam Capra Cooler is a light, refreshing drink perfect for the heat of summer. Cheers!

Please drink responsibly. Don’t drink and drive.


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Sam Capra’s Worldwide Adventure

One of the elements of the Sam Capra novels is that Sam’s adventures take him around the world. So here you’ll see interesting tidbits of action from around the globe, or stories/news relating to the kind of world Sam inhabits.

Sam has a way of getting out of all sorts of predicaments, thanks to his CIA training. His hobby of parkour (also known as freerunning or l’art du displacement) means he doesn’t run from danger, but rather when he runs, it’s dangerous.

Check out this video, a showreel from Parkour Generations, one of the world’s premier parkour studios. This shows work their parkour team has done for commercials, film, school programs to help kids stay fit, and more. One of Britain’s top parkour runners and one of Parkour Generations’ principals, Dan Edwardes, kindly helped Jeff with his parkour research in London. Sam Capra would tell you this kind of activity takes a lot of training and strength. So don’t go jumping out of your chair and try this at home.

For more information on Parkour, visit Parkour Generations