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“Abbott is one of the best thriller writers in the business, and he delivers action and complex characters in an explosive cocktail. The next Capra novel cannot come fast enough.”
Associated Press (Read the full review…)

“Like Adrenaline, this is a fast-paced thriller with a likable, morally conflicted hero. Sam is in a difficult situation, seemingly forced to commit murder to find his son, and-this is a testament to Abbott’s skills as a storyteller-we really don’t know whether he will follow through. The book ends on an upbeat note, giving Sam a certain amount of closure. Still, let’s hope Abbott isn’t through with Sam. He’s a very well drawn character, and it would be nice to see him again.”

“Ex-CIA agent Sam Capra owns bars worldwide for a desperate reason; even as he works for a mysterious network, he uses the bars as a cover to hunt for his kidnapped son. Now the kidnappers will return the child if Sam agrees to murder the one man they see as a threat. Some bargain. The author of Adrenaline is big but could be even bigger; keep on tap for thriller fans.”
Library Journal, picking The Last Minute as one of Six Big Thrillers for July

“Exciting. . .Fights, flights, betrayals, and shifting alliances all play out against the constant threat to the children as a much battered Sam seeks an end game that will give him back his life and his son. ”
Publishers Weekly

The Last Minute is an “adrenaline rush that won’t stop.”
San Antonio Express-News (Read the full review…)

The Last Minute is full of “killings, betrayals, big-time conspiracies, and action galore”!
The Oklahoman (Read the full review…)

Winner of a Thriller Award for Best Paperback Original (UK Edition) by International Thriller Writers.

Selected for the Houston Chronicle’s and San Antonio Express-News’ Best Summer Reads

Selected for The Denver Post’s Hitting the Shelves.

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