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“PANIC is a sleek, smart thriller that combines a family tragedy, international intrigue, and the redemptive power of love into one of this year’s best books. There is no question: Jeff Abbott is the new name in suspense.”
 —Harlan Coben, New York Times bestselling author of The Innocent

“A superior, fast-paced thriller…. White-knuckled suspense that’s extremely hard to put down.”
 —Publishers Weekly

“Panic is a ride down the roaring rapids. Jeff Abbott has put together a hell of a page turner.”
 —Michael Connelly, New York Times bestselling author of The Closers

“Those who disparage page-turners seldom appreciate what it takes to pull off a really good one, such as Abbott’s engrossing hardcover debut…with skilled handling of riveting action sequences, plot twists, and camera angles, all converging at breakneck speed, Abbott whips these simple ingredients into a near-perfect thriller that may indeed result in physical distress akin to panic for anyone trying to put the thing down before the last bullet flies. Fans of Harlan Coben, Lee Child, Joseph Finder, or John Grisham—anyone who enjoys a wild ride on a bumpy road—can cheer the arrival of our latest master of the fine art of the page-turner. Highly recommended.”

“Beach Read of the Week—One Killer Thriller.”
 —New York Daily News

Panic is a tightly wound and lightning-paced tale that just begs for a sequel.”

Panic is Jeff Abbott’s best novel yet…an instant classic immediately full of questions—who, what, why, how—that have answers you won’t see coming.”
 —Lee Child, New York Times bestselling author of One Shot

“Thrilling and relentless…intense and entertaining…[a] solid and well-written thriller.”
 —Time Out New York

“. . .it’s a smart, intelligent thriller that keeps you unsteady and guessing throughout, combining the best elements of such novels as MARATHON MAN and nearly everything that Robert Ludlum ever wrote, and whipping it into a verbal frenzy that is all Abbott’s own.”
 —Joe Hartlaub, (read the full review…)

“Compulsively readable…an engaging page-turner that makes for fast and enjoyable reading.”
 —Chicago Sun-Times

“…beautifully written and sensitively read…. Ganser brings all of Abbott’s many characters—the killers, the baffled police and the ambiguous Carrie, who might be working for the enemy—to instant, unhyped life, letting Abbott’s story about a man whose past has been an elaborate pretense unwind with breath-catching strength.”
 —Publishers Weekly (starred review for Panic audiobook)

“This is a well-titled book that can keep even action-addicted fans of the late Robert Ludlum satisfied.”
 —The Oklahoman

Panic isn’t just good. Abbott’s an award winning mystery author, but with Panic Abbott clearly takes his writing to another level. The plotting is nothing short of brilliant. It reads like a rocket-propelled roller coaster ride, and the surprises are genuine surprises, especially the stunner at the end. Evan Casher is an intriguing, layered character, but Abbott doesn’t let his deft characterizations get in the way of his plot or slow the story. With Panic Abbott can safely take his seat alongside Harlan Coben, Dan Brown and John LeCarre. He’s that good.”
 —Mark Terry, The Oakland Press

“Abbott keeps the twists and turns coming…”
 —Detroit Free Press

“Jeff Abbott has all the ingredients of high suspense in Panic: an ordinary man whose everyday life changes within minutes into an unrecognizable landscape, a place where he is in constant danger and can find no easy way out. Be prepared to stay up all night.”
 —Jan Burke, Edgar Award winning author of Bloodlines

“Edge of your seat quotient: sky high… Panic opens with an action-packed, man-on-the-run scenario that doesn’t let up…”
 —Entertainment Weekly

“Abbott crafts a compulsive tale…thrilling.”
 —Dallas Morning News

Panic is what a reader enjoys when a really talented writer like Jeff Abbott comes up with a fresh and gripping plot. It’s even better than his Cut and Run.”
 —Tony Hillerman, New York Times bestselling author of Skeleton Man

“Abbott has populated Panic with likable, intelligent characters, created a fascinating but surprisingly realistic plot that holds together well and in the process written what may be one of the 10 best thrillers of the year.”
—Montgomery (AL) Advertiser

“…chock-full of the bold twists that make for a tell-your-friends page turner. Panic’s relentless action and to-the-point prose might just win Abbott the blockbuster status that has always seemed to be waiting for him just around the bend.”
 —Texas Monthly

“…don’t fret over the suspense novel curse of predictability. Right from the start, Panic aims to thrill with every page while keeping each twist close to the vest. Abbott tosses in some explosions, a few car chases, and plenty of tight-lipped potential double agents, making it hard not to suspect your own mother of foul play. (Speaking of which, did she just slip something into your Bacardi Silver?)”
 —Maxim Online

“Jeff Abbott’s Panic is a superb story, a sterling example of why we love stories about ordinary men thrust into extraordinary circumstances. Don’t even try to anticipate the twists and turns in this intelligent thriller—just hold on tight and remember to breathe.”
 —Laura Lippman, Edgar Award winning author of By A Spider’s Thread

Panic’s fresh plot and its intricate maze work on myriad levels—as an action-packed spy novel, as a hard-charged mystery with high suspense and as a character study of a young man searching for his identity. And spy tales seldom deal with the intricacies of love, trust and parental bonds, which Abbott succinctly weaves throughout Panic. Abbott knows how to ladle on the tension, taking it just to the boundaries of disbelief before carefully reining it in. Even when the double crosses are quadrupled, Abbott makes Panic credible. And despite the subterfuge that Abbott puts his characters through, Panic is still a shocker.”
—Oline Cogdill, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

“…a tense and intriguing read. Readers should indeed panic. Recommended for all fiction collections.”
—Library Journal

“If you enjoyed having your nose glued to John Grisham’s The Pelican Brief, for example, Panic should be just what your summer reading list ordered… Panic will keep you turning pages…”
 —San Antonio Express-News

“Jeff Abbott’s novel grabs your emotions by the neck from the first page and shakes them all the way to the end as his characters dodge death, conspiracy, and family secrets in a race to find the truth. Panic is a thrill.”
 —Jonathon King, Edgar Award winning author of A Killing Night

“This is an amazing roller-coaster ride of a novel. The action is fast-paced, but the author still manages to include quite a bit of character development and lets the reader in on Evan’s inner struggle as he tries to deal with his up-ended life. Evan is completely believable as an ordinary guy thrust into extraordinary circumstances. It’s hard to tell the white hats from the black hats here, and there are so many twists and turns in the narrative that readers may want to reserve judgment until the final pages. Be prepared to stay up late to finish this one.”

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