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“An amnesiac accident victim has to investigate her own past in Abbott’s (The First Order, 2016, etc.) tense psychological thriller. The Austin, Texas, suburb of Lakehaven is shaken when two teenagers drive off a cliff; driver Jane Norton survives while high school hero David Hall is killed. Jane comes out of a coma with part of her memory lost, beginning with her father’s mysterious death three years earlier. After a note is found at the accident scene that suggests Jane caused the accident in a suicide attempt, she becomes an outcast and is especially hated by David’s mother, Perri. But all may not be what it seems, as a mysterious internet poster taking the name Liv Danger threatens both Jane and Perri, claiming that “all will pay” when the truth comes to light. Over time Jane becomes less sure she can trust her therapist, any of her friends, or even her mother, who is trying to have her committed to a mental institution. As Jane pieces together her own history, she becomes convinced she wasn’t trying to kill herself, and the accident starts looking more like murder. The unconventional plot, the constant surprises, and above all the psychological depth of the characters all make this a first-rate crime novel.”
 —Kirkus Reviews

“…engrossing…this is an emotionally complex tale replete with finely drawn characters, shocking twists, and convincing red herrings.”
 —Publishers Weekly 

“A solid stand-alone from the author of the Sam Capra series.”
 —Booklist, David Pitt

“Last year, Harlan Coben’s Fool Me Once was our highest-rated thriller of 2016. Abbott’s Blame is every bit as good and packs even more surprises along the way, leading up to a shocking ending that nobody, not even veteran readers of the genre, will ever see coming. Abbott’s lightning-quick pacing and constant twists and turns make his latest offering impossible to put down. A one-sit read that’ll have readers up way past their bedtimes, Blame is Jeff Abbott’s best novel so far–and a strong contender for best psychological thriller of the year.”
 —The REAL Book Spy

“It’s no wonder that Jeff Abbott is considered one of the best in the genre. I highly recommend this suspenseful thriller for you lovers of the genre.”
 —Book Review Crew

“I could not tear myself away from Jeff Abbott’s mesmerizing, gripping, and claustrophobic novel. BLAME is the perfect blend of complex characters, plot twists galore, and great psychological suspense. Don’t miss it.”
 —Harlan Coben, #1 bestselling author of Home and Don’t Let Go

“BLAME is a masterful suspense novel, full of dread, lies, and deceptions. Abbott is one of our finest writers, and BLAME takes his talents to new levels. Sinister and twisting, this is hands-down the best book you’ll read — and re-read — this year. Absolutely top-notch.”
 —J.T. Ellison, New York Times bestselling author

“Jeff Abbott is a remarkable writer and storyteller, and brings his skills to the realm of psychological suspense with this absolutely captivating book. Emotionally compelling, tense and packed with shocking plot twists, this book makes me have to use a word I hate: Unputdownable. I loved it.”
 —Alison Gaylin, USA Today bestselling author of What Remains of Me

“If you like Harlan Coben, read this book. Taut, twisty, and elegantly-written, with an ending you won’t see coming.”
 —Sarah Pekkanen, bestselling author of The Perfect Neighbors

“From the moment I set eyes on the viscerally magnetic Jane, I was spooked and positively riveted.  Jeff Abbott, in this richly satisfying novel, proves that he is a master of suspense and tension.”
 —Sara Blaedel, bestselling author of The Lost Woman

“Don’t miss Jeff Abbott’s most chilling thriller to date—perfect for readers of The Girl on the Train, Gone Girl, or The Woman in Cabin 10.


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