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“I read Jeff Abbott’s thriller Adrenaline and now have no fingernails left.”
—Margaret Atwood, on Twitter

“This is a book that’s getting a tremendous amount of buzz, everyone’s talking about it. Jeff Abbott’s the next Robert Ludlum…Sam Capra is the heir-apparent to Jason Bourne…Great read…It’s going to be a big book.”
The Today Show, Summer’s Best Beach Reads (View the segment…)

“Outstanding…genuinely moving…hits full stride early on and never lets up. Readers who thrive on a relentless narrative pace and a straight line to the finish won’t be disappointed.”
Publishers Weekly (starred review) (Read the full review…)

“The title speaks for it. It is a page turner.”
Good Morning America Top Book Pick for Summer (View the segment…)

“Edgy, seat-of-your-pants spy caper.”
Entertainment Weekly (Read the full review…)

“A breakneck thriller that delivers on the promise of its title. Adrenaline does indeed get the heart pumping with an exhilarating pace, creatively choreographed action, and intrigue that routinely compels you to read the proverbial “one more chapter.” But Sam Capra remains its most memorable asset. In his quest to find his family, Capra becomes the best kind of hero, one who’s highly capable at kicking ass, but who’s also imbued with a large amount of heart, which makes him worth rooting for book after book.”
— Best Books of the Month, July 2011 (Read the full review…)

“A thriller that will get even the most jaded reader’s pulse racing…rivets the reader from the very first paragraph, and Capra proves to be a character with enough skills and depth to be extremely compelling…a grand slam home run. Everyone will want to see what Abbott, and Capra, have up their sleeve next.”
Associated Press (Read the full review…)

“Deliciously crafty…all the hallmarks of a career-changer.  It should launch him into the Michael Connelly or Dennis Lehane stratosphere. His protagonist, Sam Capra, is strong enough to star in a long-running series…a stunner of a premise…excellent.”
Dallas Morning News

“The title of this book pretty much sets the pace for this action packed thriller. Within its pages are all the best aspects of a very enjoyable good versus evil plot: intrigue, spies, double crosses, foreign locales, technology used for nefarious purposes, a good hearted hero and the obligatory nasty bad guys.”
Suspense Magazine (Read the full review…)

“New action-series hero Sam Capra likes to unwind with parkour, leaping from building to building, clambering up walls and hurtling through space across the urban landscape, following an invisible line of momentum that turns obstacles into opportunities. The sport’s a fitting metaphor for Abbott’s style, tumbling from page to page with the frantic inevitability of Robert Ludlum.”
Booklist (Read the full review…)

New York Daily News

Adrenaline, like its namesake hormone, is all about pace, and a high-speed pace at that. A word of caution: Don’t start reading Adrenaline just before bedtime!”
BookPage (Read the full review…)

“Outstanding tale of high intrigue.”
Denver Post (Read the full review…)

The Austin Chronicle

“Keeps the intensity at a peak level…exhilarating…Adrenaline proves worthy of its title. ”
The Columbus Dispatch (Read the full review…)

The Sacramento Bee and Los Angeles Daily News, Summer Reading Roundup (Read the full list…)

Adrenaline will surely vault Abbott to the top of must-read authors. The relentless action will hook you from the heart-stopping opening to a conclusion that was as shocking as it was heart-rending.”
Ventura County Star (Read the full review…)

“A dose of Adrenaline…Thrilling.”
The Dallas Observer (Read the full review…)

“This is a wonderful book and the start of one of the most exciting new series I’ve had the privilege to read. Jeff Abbott has been one of my favorite writers for more than a decade and Sam Capra is now on my short list of characters I would follow anywhere. Adrenalineprovides the high-octane pace one expects from a spy thriller, while grounding the action with a protagonist that anyone can root for. Sam Capra is the boy next door—assuming the boy next door to you is a CIA-trained agent who will do whatever is necessary to find and protect his loved ones.”
—Laura Lippman, New York Times bestselling author of I’d Know You Anywhere

Adrenaline lives up to its name. It’s pure thriller in pace, but Abbott manages to keep the book’s heart anchored in the right place. The characters aren’t cardboard action figures, but people under incredible stresses and strains. I read it in a big gulp.”
—Charlaine Harris

Adrenaline has everything—relentless action, mind-bending intrigue, and twists and turns you won’t see coming. It’s exhilarating, and confirms Jeff Abbott as one of the best thriller writers of our time.”
—Harlan Coben

“I am, and always have been, a devoted Jeff Abbott fan. Adrenaline takes him to a whole new level. Sam Capra is the perfect hero—tough, smart, pure of heart, and hard to kill. AndAdrenaline is the perfect thriller. Taut and edgy, with breakneck pacing and perfect plotting, it’s a breathless race from the shocking, heart-wrenching opening sequence to the stunning conclusion. Jeff Abbott is a master, and Adrenaline is his best book yet.”
—Lisa Unger, New York Times bestselling author of Fragile

“Engaging from the first paragraph, terrifying from the second page, Adrenalineaccomplishes what most modern thrillers can’t. It makes us care about its characters even while we’re speeding headlong down the ingenious rabbit hole of its plot. Well done!”
—Eric Van Lustbader, New York Times bestselling author of The Bourne Objectiveand Last Show

“This thriller lives up to its title so much that you feel exhausted after ripping through pages packed with big action sequences and more twists and turns than a bag full of snakes.…The action moves at breakneck speed…with the body count rising and twists you never see coming around every page.”
Peterborough Evening Telegraph (UK)

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