• US Novels DOWNFALL_500x750

    The thrilling third Sam Capra novel available now

    When a beautiful woman whispers “help me” to him in his San Francisco bar, Sam finds himself fighting to save both her life and his own.

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  • US Novels TRUST Me reissue_500x750“Furiously paced…”

              –Publishers Weekly

    A student, framed for murder, must stop an alliance of terrorists. First time in ebook.

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  • US Novels PANIC_500x750

    Reissue of the international bestseller in print & e-book!

    Pursued by a ruthless circle of killers, Evan discovers his entire past has been a carefully constructed lie.

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  • US Novels FEAR_500x750

    The international bestseller returns in print & e-book!

    Miles must run for his life from a murderous conspiracy that gives new meaning to the word FEAR.

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  • The second Sam Capra bestseller now in paperback

    Sam Capra must commit an impossible assassination–or he will lose the only person in the world who matters to him.

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  • The New York Times Bestseller

    First in the Sam Capra Series

    The destruction of Sam’s life was only step one in an extraordinary plot—now Sam must become a new kind of hero.

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