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Ex-CIA agent Sam Capra is back. When a beautiful woman whispers “help me” to him in his San Francisco bar, Sam suddenly finds himself fighting to save both her life and his own. Pursued by both the police and by a secret network of phenomenally successful men and women who owe their wealth and power to a mysterious Faustian deal, Sam must bring down the most dangerous enemy of them all: a man who owns the people who run the world.

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A note about Amazon: You may have seen in the news that Amazon is in negotiations with Jeff's publisher, Hachette, and Amazon has decided, during these negotiations, to remove all pre-order buttons. Amazon may also delay shipments so they take 2-5 weeks to arrive. Your local bookseller or the other fine booksellers in the links below are more than eager to take your pre-orders and orders to get Jeff's books in your hands. Thank you!